Sunday, November 27, 2011


This year I have decided to do NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is basically were you write 50000 words in a whole month! Crazy huh. I am loving it so much! Some of my good friends are doing it with me. We encourage each other to keep going and to reach our gaol. It has been so much fun! I am definitely going to do it next year.
Besides NaNoWriMo going on this month it is also Thanksgiving! This month I have tried to focus on things that I'm thankful for like I'm thankful for my family and my two dogs Karmal and Kamolot, I am also thankful for my friends. I'm thankful for my shelter, and my church. I probably shouldn't say all the things I'm thankful for because we could spend hours here doing that, and I have to get writing! Have a good week!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Inkheart Trilogy!

Lately I have been reading the Inkheart books you know (Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath). They are really, really good! I L-O-V-E them! They are basically fun story's that have L-O-T-S of twists,turns and things that are unexpected. I know I can't tell you the summery of Inkspell and Inkdeath but I can tell you the summery of Inkheart.
Inkheart is about a young girl who lives with her dad and has "no mother."One night she is staying up reading and she sees a man outside her house (in her yard), just standing there. So she tells her dad and he looks out the window and there is a man out there. Her dad reacts strange when he sees him. Then he says " Stay up here Meggie, He's here to see me , go to bed."
To find out what happens next read the book. I promise you it is a good one! Like, I said I L-O-V-E it! Read it N-O-W! You'll love it too!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


This week I went on a trip with my friends we went to Alabama. We stayed at their grandparents house. During are stay there we went to a meusam, the meusam was all about space and air planes and all that cool stuff. Their was also a I-max movie theater there so we watched an i-max movie too! We got to see the saturn five and the satern one and we got to see a moon rock. We had so much fun. At the end as suvaneires we got hats that have a rocket on them. That was are trip to Alabama.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

This summer I went to Colorado and Wyoming for two family reunions. The first one was in Colorado we had so much fun! We had manny fun activitys and it was a blast! The second one was in Wyoming for the whole family reunion we were up in the moutains! It was so much fun! After that we went back to Colorado and had lots of fun with my cousins.
Every were I went their was always a chance for creativity. during the Colorado reunion we did alot of crafts. During the wyoming family reunion we did a bunch of activitys we decorated flip flops and we made our own rockets! When we got back to Colorado I attendid a art class with my cousin Sheila. We har alot of fun! We learned alot. I learned how to make bark on a tree and I also learned how to make several different typs of leaves. We also learned how to mke a sky look real with water colors. We learned alot about senery too. We had FUN homework each night and it was a fantastic class!Well that is the end of my colorful adventures over the summer. I start school tomarro.