Sunday, August 7, 2011

This summer I went to Colorado and Wyoming for two family reunions. The first one was in Colorado we had so much fun! We had manny fun activitys and it was a blast! The second one was in Wyoming for the whole family reunion we were up in the moutains! It was so much fun! After that we went back to Colorado and had lots of fun with my cousins.
Every were I went their was always a chance for creativity. during the Colorado reunion we did alot of crafts. During the wyoming family reunion we did a bunch of activitys we decorated flip flops and we made our own rockets! When we got back to Colorado I attendid a art class with my cousin Sheila. We har alot of fun! We learned alot. I learned how to make bark on a tree and I also learned how to make several different typs of leaves. We also learned how to mke a sky look real with water colors. We learned alot about senery too. We had FUN homework each night and it was a fantastic class!Well that is the end of my colorful adventures over the summer. I start school tomarro.

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